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Latest News from Charmaine: August 2016: Vacations!

charmaine at tournamentGreetings all,

Are you vacationing or have you this year?

We hope so. Who doesn’t like to go on vacation? Summertime is the best time to go on vacation. So is the winter. So are the fall and spring. OK, any time is the best time to go on vacation. It’s always good to let go of day-to-day worries and cares and nurture ourselves.

It is NOT a badge of honor to declare I don’t need vacations or haven’t been on one for years…your body is probably sending you all sorts of “impertinent” memos in the  form of aches and pains and feeling less than 100%. You CANNOT drive a car on fumes,- so why think you can do that to your body.  RECHARGE/VACATION!!!!!!

Sages have said that we should spend a little time each day going on vacation. Every day we should do something that we especially love to do, something that’s deeply true to our purpose in life. Whether that’s making music, meditating, praying, exploring, learning, sharing heartfelt time with someone or another healthy diversion, it should be done every day. Why? So our lives will have balance.

So if you’re on vacation (or soon will be) remember to take that feeling home with you when you return to your “regular” life. Remember to keep a little place in your heart and mind where you’ll feel a release from stress and joy in nature, where you feel happiness and a little carefree. You just need to do a little – it’ll keep you warm on cold winter nights and keep you cool on hot summer evenings.

And THANKS for letting us give you a little respite by caring for you and your family – letting the stress out and the healing in.

Enjoy the summer and remember…. as the kids go back to school and get into sports…chiropractic care will keep them functioning at their best!!!

See you on the table, on the yoga mat, under the barbells or just walking around town!

Researching Chiropractic: Case Studies

Each month we look at case studies where chiropractic care has helped people with different health related problems. Some of them may seem obvious, while others may surprise you. Please pass this along to anyone who may be suffering from any of the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • Pervasive developmental disorder
  • Upper back pain, numbness and “nerve feelings” in the hands (T4 Syndrome)

High blood pressure and chiropractic man with high blood pressure

A 72-year- old man with a history of hypertension, arthritis, ringing/buzzing in the ears and numbness/burning in his shoulder sought out chiropractic care. He was on blood pressure medication for one year prior to beginning chiropractic care. During this time his blood pressure had decreased from a baseline of 174/94 to 150/90.

He had a history of traumas that included a motor vehicle accident, a fall from a tree, and a twenty-year involvement with Judo.  For the next three months the chiropractor located and corrected (adjusted) his vertebral subluxations.

His blood pressure decreased over the course of care to 132/80. Also his emotional/mental state, stress and life enjoyment, based on a self-rated survey, showed improvements in all categories. (1)

Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)Pervasive Developmental Disorder PDD

A 33-month- old boy was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). His symptoms included delays in:

  • Communication
  • Speech
  • Cognitive function,
  • Gross and fine motor skills,
  • Social and emotional development
  • Self-help skills

He was also dealing with “fist walking” and bruxism (grinding teeth). He was on ADD medications, antidepressants, anti-seizure and antipsychotic medications to treat his symptoms.

Medically there is no cure.

Chiropractic care consisted of the location and correction of his subluxations. After ten months of care his language
skills had improved greatly and his sensory processing issues had reduced. His mother said, “He seems much more comfortable in his personal space.”

In addition, his bruxism reduced, he was no longer “fist walking” and he had stopped swaying and rocking. His mother reported that he was also beginning to read at a level above his age.

He continues to improve in areas of socializing and continues with chiropractic care. (2)

Upper back pain, numbness and “nerve feelings” in the hands (T4 older woman numbness case studySyndrome).

A 64-year- old woman was suffering from upper back pain, numbness and strange nerve sensations in her hands. She was diagnosed with T4 Syndrome.

Subluxations were located in the upper back that appeared to affect nerves to the upper limbs. Chiropractic adjustments to reduce subluxations were delivered, and by the fifth visit the patient reported complete remission of upper back pain and hand numbness. (3)





  1. Van Dyke V, Russell D, Alcantara J. Resolution of hypertension in a 72-year- old male following subluxation based chiropractic care: a case report & selective review of the literature. Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research. November 12, 2015:172-177.
  2. Cohn C. Improvement in autism spectrum disorder following vertebral subluxation reduction: a case study. Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic. 2011;3:87-91.
  3. Librone P, Kalantarov E. Resolution of T4 syndrome following chiropractic care: a case report. Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research. September 29, 2014:161-168.

Latest News from Charmaine: July 2016: Summer!

Greetings all,

We now can officially say it is summer. All the hoopla of family, friends, vacations, BBQs, sunshine, festivities, suntans and mosquitoes ( or maybe the lack of them so far this year) all mixed into one messy bundle.

In June, Dr. Ray and I celebrated 35 years (each) in Chiropractic practice, having graduated together in the Summer of 1980. Daughter Damaris graduated 6 years ago almost to the day and has firmly established herself in Norway in a great practice.

Next month I defend my Michigan Senior Olympics powerlifting records and then I am off to Norway for a week to help daughter Damaris with re-organizing their house post some fairly extensive renovation work and to prepare for December’s bundle of joy.

I leave you in the hands of Dr. Ray and Sophia while I am gone.

At the end of September we will be taking a break from the office as both Dr. Damaris and I will be attending a conference in Milan Italy the last weekend in September and we are adding our belated Summer break to that time…So make a note in your calendars now…

The office will be closed 9/23 through 10/2

We will have extra hours Thursday morning 9/22.

Make this a great Summer and feel free to share any of your recipes or holiday experiences with us.

See you in the office, on the mat, under the barbells or maybe at the Farmers Markets!

Dr.’s Ray and Charmaine and Sophia, too!

Latest News from Charmaine: June 2016: Changes

charmaine at tournamentGreetings all,

This has been a time of great changes just in the last couple of weeks.  What with the children getting out of school…some of them graduating, others moving up a grade level and the deaths of several great icons with whom we all felt a personal connection– it has been a little unsettling.
Making changes to one’s daily overall health regime is generally uncomfortable until we settle into a routine; but in this day and age of such a sedentary lifestyle and very often, our daily job…it become vitally important that we get out and exercise…whether it is walking, running, cycling, yoga or Tai Chi or anything else.  We need to keep our joints and spine supple so that we can be as healthy and pain free as possible for as long as possible.
How do you fit in your exercise? What is you favorite thing to do? Let us know in the comments. Who knows, maybe you will inspire someone else to get out there and start moving!
exercise latest news

Latest News from Charmaine: May 2016

This has been an interesting spring this year for sure…and just as we think we have a handle on where the weather is going to do/think spring is FINALLY here, Mother Nature says “Just Kidding!!”…..Just take one day at a time and shortly you will be talking about the summer heat!!

But the calendar moves on and the gardening chores await. Make a conscious effort to plan ahead…have the right tools too!… diving in head first can only cause grief (literally and figuratively).

Plant Some Vegetables

vegetablesThis year, even if you have only a patio for a garden, think of planting something “vegetabley”…your body will thank you…I know I am planning potatoes, tomatoes and a variety of lettuces…and supporting the Farmers Markets for the rest.

If you are looking for some new recipe inspiration, check out our recipe section on our website. Lots of good stuff there!

I must admit I am also enjoying playing with the micro greens and also this year I am going to try growing some edamame beans (green soybeans).

So Much Yoga

Currently, I have started teaching a 6am yoga class 3 days a week along with the 5 regular classes I teach… it’s gonna be an interesting summer!

Support Farmers’ Markets

As I said earlier, I am supporting the local Farmer’s Markets and if you have not visited Peckham Farms on Grand River, or the Grand Ledge Farmers Market at Bridge Street are missing out on the good stuff. Locally grown crops have a MUCH smaller carbon footprint than the store bought products that are shipped crazy distances and thus have less nutritional value.

HAVE A FUN REST OF SPRING!! See you on the table, in the office, on the yoga mat, or under the barbells.

Latest News From Charmaine: April 2016

Greetings All

Trying not to hold my breath…but dang it looks like Spring has FINALLY arrived!

daffodilsSpring Has Arrived

If you look around you will notice the first harbingers of spring…crocus, daffodils, forsythia and a very light green to many of the trees as they slowly start budding.  Hopefully the most recent freezing weather does not affect the fruit crops of the state or the trees that blossom early, like magnolias, etc.

With all the gentle Spring days here, there are lots of wonderful days to get out and walk, or maybe even bike before we can really get into the garden to plant anything new…also time to finish that fall cleanup that didn’t happen!

Think thru a task before jumping in

While I am not a fan of timidity or overly cautious attitudes…please think thru a task before jumping in and possibly ruining your back/ day/weekend.  Happily, we are available to get you out of that pickle, although our first choice would be prevention- not “fixing”.

Quick Spring Trip

The last few days of April, 4/28 thru’ 30th we will be heading down to S.C.  for our college “Homecoming” or Lyceum as it’s called.   So, we will be open in the am on that Thursday 4/28 as a schedule change…signs will be up in the office as a reminder.

Sophia heading off soon

Meanwhile, Sophia is on countdown to graduation and will continue to work with us for a few more weeks before heading off to Northwestern.

Congratulations to Allen

Congratulations to Allen H who has received an Artistic Scholarship to NMU……we have talented people in our midst.

Share your story with us!

OH YES this comes to mind…we have several patients who are state or national or even world champions in a variety of activities/sports….or have received special recognition (like Hall of Fame recognition)….we would love you to share your story with us and the greater Chiropractic Community if you are willing… to me or Dr. Ray.

See you in the office, on the table, on the mat or under the barbells!!

Zika–Head for Hills!

Zika, SARS, Swine flu (twice), AIDS, bird flu, H1N1 – it’s coming.

By Dr. Tedd Koren

Head for the hills, don’t travel, don’t go out, stay home, hide under the bed, wear a condom: the next invisible killer is coming.   Oh boy, here we go again.

Every year or so the media goes ballistic and reveals that epidemiologists, researchers, and health departments are sloppy, shoot-from-the-hip, do poor research, haven’t a clue and will do and say nearly anything to get attention. Actually that’s what the media should be telling us. Instead they are part of the problem because they repeat the junk science they are told as if it’s the gospel truth. What happened to investigative journalism?

George Carlin famously said, “Americans panic easily.” Panic sells. Panic sells magazines and newspapers, and drives people to web sites, drugs and vaccines. Panic raises ratings so people will “stay tuned” and therefore advertising revenues rise.

People are excited, scared, terrified, curious, wondering, hopeful and nervous. Aren’t the presidential elections enough? I guess not.

Ho hum      

As with all the other media driven “pandemics”, when the dust settled it was no big deal. The Zika virus scare is no different; it’s a zilch (which is what my spell checker spelled out when I first typed the word Zika.)
In Brazil 4,000 cases of microcephaly were reported due to the Zika virus.

Ooops, we didn’t report it correctly. The number is 207.

Ooops, we found Zika in only 17 of them. Some pandemic.

But now reports are that heavy use of pesticides are related to the microcephaly. The DPT vaccine causes microcephaly – why didn’t the media report that?

Zika is one of millions or billions of viruses found all over the world. We’re full of viruses – and that doesn’t mean they cause anything. The media continues to spin out stories because that’s what the media does.

Latest News from Charmaine: March 2016

Greetings all,

Spring is playing coy with her deliciously warm, “springy” days and smells ( let’s pretend we didn’t see the mud, shall we?).

Avoid being a Weekend Warrior

Garden dreams will slowly begin to take shape and it is always important that you don’t dive head first (literally and figuratively, LOL) into you projects. Plan them out so the right tools are handy and remember- that while the temptation is there to kill the project …..ROME was not built in a day and weekend warriors pay a heavy price for wayyyyy too much enthusiasm!!

class on growing sproutsClass on Sprouts

As the first buds of spring make their presence known, fresh garden greenery is a ways off and so I am thinking of having a class April 11 (post school vacation break) on growing micro greens and sprouts for your health and for a jump start on the garden. Class will be at 7pm in the office and run for about 1.5hours and will cost $5.00. You will walk away with a tray of started greens, some seeds and the wherewithal to keep yourself and your family with a steady supply of fresh greens. Class size will be limited to 8 people and pre-booking and payment is essential. Please contact me personally or call our office at 517-627-4547.

Enjoy Spring

Meanwhile, enjoy the arrival of spring in all her wonderment.

Make sure you get checked and adjusted so that you can enjoy spring and see you in the office, on the mat or under the barbells!

 A little P.S.

charmaine at tournamentI placed first in my age group at the State Powerlifting Meet March 13th squat (80kg Bench 50kg- a personal best) and dead lift (100kg).

Latest News from Charmaine: February 2016

Greetings all,

Much as we want to deny it, time marches on and we may complain about it’s speed.

A simple remedy we use in yoga is to practice mindfulness….be aware of the moment and breathe.

Try not to live in the past or future…shorts visits are ok but dwelling there means you are missing out on what is happening right now. Wishing for things to be different is a waste of energy and even more important, given that we are not getting out of here alive, why would you want to do anything else but enjoy each moment?

Just recently we appointed a new administrator to help us with our Facebook page and website and I would ask you to look at the webpage (check out our new blog) and also to like both our Lanjopoulos Family Chiropractic Center page and our Yoga and Tai Chi page: The Center for Yoga. New trends in technology are happening so fast that if you are not actively involved in the IT business, you need to get a specialist to help you out. Amy Zander is just that person…Thank you Amy.!!!!  And shortly I believe, we will have our own Pinterest page too!

Do note our daughter’s page is very similar to ours on Facebook – Lanjopoulos Familiekiropraktikk…..The big giggle is a local company drew our daughter’s logo off the Internet and posted it as our logo for an event here last year until we had to explain the difference!

As this newsletter hits the press we will be close to 30 days to SPRING! Do make a point to get out and enjoy this great winter we are having.

See you in the office, on the mat or under the barbells.

Latest News from Charmaine: January 2016

Greetings all this chilly January,

Well, Winter finally arrived which means one of two things…you get out and enjoy this weather, or you sit inside and hibernate.

In my last newsletter I talked about 12 changes we could make towards a healthier you and #1 Exercise.

Now know that this is the time of the year that gym memberships usually explode and then the bloom is off the rose by the end of the month.

walking down stairsHowever, really think about simple stuff you can do at home that can help too. Walking up and down the steps just to get the heart going drives my cat nuts but I feel good for it…..maybe throw in some push-ups on the steps too. Or throwing (not literally LOL) a kettle ball around is a good start too. I must admit I am a huge fan of my Barbell and yoga practices and see changes in my life for the good, proving that you can make a difference after 60!

A happy note here…Miss Sophia who helps us in the afternoons has been awarded a great scholarship to Northwestern which means come June we lose her…but yay Sophia!!!

DOCTORS WITH HEART will be Feb 11th…send anybody you know who could benefit from a little TLC at no cost …appointments are essential.

Stay warm, get active and let’s see you in the office, under the barbells or on the mat!