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Drs Ray and Charmaine return from 34th Homecoming

We have just returned from a wonderful time at our Alma Mater Sherman College of Chiropractic. The weather was just gorgeous and the atmosphere on campus ..electric. Apart from some 20 hours of continuing education credit classes that we attended, we had a chance to interact with some of our favorite friends and colleagues.
The overarching theme of the weekend was ensuring that we made the most of opportunity to provide our patients with the best information possible about posture, the rationale behind what we do and to really educate patients to the fact that Chiropractic is so much more than for headaches and back pain.
An interesting study in Illinois showed that when Doctors of Chiropractic were used as primary portals of entry into the health care system…….hospital stays dropped dramatically as did surgeries and most importantly of all prescriptions dropped by 85%. Needless to say vested interests were not happy AND the major bummer that came out of that is that is that Illinois will no longer cover chiropractic care.. When you do good work, some people are threatened and unhappy.

Mayo Clinic Study Says Children Who Get Flu Vaccine Have Three Times Risk of Hospitalization For Flu

Inactivated flu vaccine does not appear to be effective in preventing influenza-related hospitalizations in children — especially if they have asthma. In fact, children who get the flu vaccine are more at risk for hospitalization than those who skip the shot.

In order to determine whether the trivalent inactivated flu vaccine was effective in reducing the number of child hospitalizations, researchers conducted a cohort study of close to 300 children. The investigators determined who had and had not received the flu vaccine, their asthma status and who did and did not require hospitalization.

They found that children who had received the flu vaccine had three times the risk of hospitalization. In asthmatic children, there was a significantly higher risk of hospitalization in subjects who received the vaccine.

Link to Dr. Mercola’s article.