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Latest News from Charmaine: February 2018

Latest news February 2018Greetings all,

February is traditionally a month of hearts and flowers and plenty of snow!  As we get deep into the last throes of winter, it is a good time to remember that we should still, wherever possible, get out and enjoy the day.   Walking in snow is a great heart pumping calorie burning exercise and the deeper the snow- the more effort- the more the reward.  To me this is a magical time when we get a world covered in white.

I know many of us relish this snowy cold season as a time to do lots of reading/sewing/knitting…but more and more research is talking about sitting as being the new smoking (Bad Habit)…too much sitting does cause all sorts of issues- the least of which is back pain.  The psoas muscle (a secret, vital leg-lifting muscle, gets tighter) and research also show that a degree of calcification occurs after sitting for as little as ONE HOUR!…

Make a point of getting up and moving from your desk often (sneak in a few calf raises/squats as you can and you get a double bonus…also make a point of drinking lots of water as you will then HAVE to get up and move!!!


PLEASE NOTE that we will be out of the office March 5th-9th as we go and meet the family in Miami for a mini-break.


Latest News from Charmaine: January 2018

This is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty Chiropractic News– never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy. – Winston Churchill

Greetings all,

The message from Winston Churchill could not be more appropriate as we move into a new year beset with uncertainty.

It is imperative that we understand that health care should be an undisputed right (I am not talking about disease care which is what insurance companies are peddling).

We have the right to make decisions about what we do with our bodies…and then naturally we have to deal with the consequences of our choices.

This is a time when everybody is wanting to make changes …so don’t make a resolution (which fails almost 100% of the time).  Instead let’s set an intention to do things a little differently. Let’s commit to more fresh fruit and veggies, more water, more exercise and then work out how to make those happen

In our house, Sunday is usually meal prep day…by that I mean, having planned the menu for the week (taking everybody’s crazy schedules into account), I cook extra of anything I might need later on in the week/chop it up and store it.  If I can, I make a couple of dishes…Sunday’s dinner and one that I can throw in the oven later in the week.  Also, a big thing I am seeing on the internet is bagging everything for a crockpot meal in a container, freezing it and putting in before leaving for work….after all, if you are cutting one onion, why not two or three?

I have my workout schedule planned before the week starts and I feel it is so important to keep active, that short of a blizzard, nothing is allowed to get in the way…..How can you incorporate more exercise into your life??


Latest News From Charmaine: December 2017

Greetings all,December 2017

Can anybody tell me where the year has gone?  Just the other day we were in Summer, and now we are on a very rapid path to December 31 and onward to 2018!

Just a gentle reminder that we will be out of the office 12/21/17-1/1/2018 and back on Tuesday 1/2/2018.  Alfred turns one just about Christmas time so we are off to celebrate with him and the parents.

As you mentally get ready for the Holiday season, make a serious effort to evaluate some of the things that you have been doing for years and ask yourself if it still gives you pleasure…if not – toss it, and, if someone complains, explain that you don’t get the joy anymore and offer them the opportunity to step up if they feel they want to see it continue (most of the time they will let it go when they discover the work involved!).  We tend to hang on to traditions that suck the joy out of this time and life is too freakin’ short for that.

Also, mentally check your intention for next year…see if it still resonates…and then… GO FOR IT…keep it simple and do-able, so that you don’t give up by the third week of January…many Gym clubs make a killing from failed New Years’ Resolutions not kept.


Latest News From Charmaine: October 2017 Keep Your Signal Strong!

Latest newsGreetings all,

Found this on Pinterest ……what a great way to put into modern day terms what it is we do and why we do it!


Is like having

Poor cell phone

Reception between



                                                      No service                             Full bars

Can you hear me now?????

Have a great rest of October and keep the signal strong!

Latest News October 2017

Latest News From Charmaine: September 2017

From the September 2017 Newsletter

Greetings all,Latest news

Well we really need to accept the fact that Fall is upon us.  The cooler weather is making for better sleeping and, I must admit, working out is more pleasant.

Having set a State record at the Mi Senior Olympics in my age group,  I am now working towards my final meet for the year at the end of October…I need goals to keep me motivated about you??

The farmers market are currently full to the brim with the most amazing produce, so happy canning if you do that, and just enjoy all the deliciousness of eating as close to home grown as you can get, with all the attendant vital goodness the fruit and veggies offer.

Remember, there is NO FLU SEASON contrary to medical advertising, there is usually just a decrease of exercise, lack of hydration, lack of fresh air and far too many carbs all working together to compromise the immune system !!!



September 2017

Latest News From Charmaine: August 2017 Newsletter

Greetings all,

Some of the women from today's Senior Olympics..,great job ladies!

Some of the women from today’s Senior Olympics..,great job ladies!

By the time this newsletter gets into the hands of most of you, my MI Senior Olympic Powerlifting event will be over (yay for aging up). I took first in my weight and age class.

The solar eclipse is on it’s way (Monday, August 21) and the kids are headed back at school and summer is slowly winding down.

That’s a lot of mile-markers to pack in such a short time.

On the upside, fresh produce is abundant, the weather is glorious and Mr. Alfred is growing like a weed and smiles abound.

Of special note in this newsletter…. Read the article about food dyes and let’s all try and make a commitment to eat a cleaner, more natural diet. It’s good for the planet and for our bodies!!!

See you in the office, on the table, under the barbells or on the mat…Happy Day y’all!

Latest News from Charmaine: June & July Combined

Greetings All!Latest news

This is the first time I am doing this. I am combining June and July’s newsletter as we will be having a vacation break in July when the newsletter would normally appear.

So, let’s start by advising you that we will be out of the office July 3rd and 4th and then from noon 7/14 until 8am 7/24 as we are taking a break with the kids when they come home from Norway where the month of July is their vacation time!

The gardens are looking glorious and the Farmers Markets are bringing more and more produce to sell which makes this my favorite time for all things food.  Screaming fresh salad ingredients have a taste that we cannot find the rest of the year….so maximize your shopping from them and help to support a neighbor in the process.

Coming up August 8/14 I will be at the Michigan Senior (?) Olympics in Rochester. I have “aged up” and so that means I have to try and win gold all over again.

Meanwhile, as a recent post said keep your ducks in a row or at least in the same pond!

See you on the table, in the office, on the mat or under the barbells.

Latest News from Charmaine: May Flowers!

Greetings all,Latest news

It is just so wonderful to hear the birds in full voice early in the mornings and we are spending time in the garden observing all the activities of the neighborhood birds.  Now that we no longer have Sally Cat, the birds are out in full force on the lawn digging for worms, creating nests and chatting with their friends.

Garden work is back! And, as usual, I will remind you that Rome was not built in a day and to take it easy on all the “Honey-do” garden chores/projects…nothing quite ruins the fun like a back out of whack from being overly ambitious.  Plan ahead, make sure you have the right tools, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Our trip for Alfred’s christening was fun and we look forward to them visiting in July.  We will take a week off in July to be together as a family up north and young Alfie should be in full crawl mode by then.

I will be participating in the MI Senior Olympics again in August.  I have “aged” up so need to set some records for the next age group.

See you in the office, on the table, on the mat, at any of the various Farmers Markets that are opening up now or under the barbells. ~Charmaine

Latest News from Charmaine: April Showers!

Hopefully you are not feeling too down about the April showers…there are 2 benefits to keep in April Showers mind:

  1. You don’t have to shovel (YESS!!!!)
  2. Our gardens and farms need the moisture that this past winter never really provided for this year’s crops…and if you like to eat, you might just need to grin and bear it!!

By the time you read this we will have returned from being with our Grandson Alfie and his parents. He was christened Easter Sunday.  The long trip was worth it for the cuddles and giggles and drooling (he is cutting his first teeth).

Our schedule will be pretty much as usual with one noticeable exception. Friday, April 28th we will close at noon as Dr. Ray is traveling to Denver to study with his Tai Chi teacher and I will be taking a group of ladies off on a yoga retreat.

Beyond all of that, enjoy the chance to celebrate Spring’s return…it is my favorite season, as each day there are new discoveries and signs about the awesome power of nature as she “springs” back from winter.


Latest News from Charmaine: March: Spring is Finally Here

Greetings All!Latest News fro Charmaine: March Newsletter

Well, as you get this newsletter, we are on the cusp of Spring (according to the calendar—not Mother Nature!).

This is really not time to throw caution to the wind, as the weather can still sneak in a few snow events yet and the conditions can be less than optimal…So, still be careful out there….AND get checked and adjusted if you have an OOPS!

We will be away from the office April 10th thru the 17th as we are heading over for Alfred’s christening which will happen on Easter Sunday and as is the tradition there, several other babies from the valley will be christened at the Valley church, a hop and skip from Damaris and Anders house.

Meanwhile enjoy the roller coaster weather..AND THIS NICE FULL NEWSLETTER!

See you in the office, on the table, on the mat or under the barbells.