A young lady came to our office just before we left on vacation in crisis.  Her neck was so badly subluxated that she was in tears and was sobbing as Dr. Ray adjusted her.  He left her to rest after taking her X-rays so that he could develop the X-rays.

After checking and readjusting her… She walked out smiling and saying she never knew Chiropractic was so marvelous…and she would keep coming just to stay healthy.!!!

Keep Coming Just To Stay Healthy

Brad called us from Hawaii where he has just returned to ecstatically report that his neck has been happier since his adjustments in this office and that his blood pressure had returned to normal since his last adjustment in the office.” A great relief and you guys are absolutely the best!”


Sally came to us a few weeks before a trip to Europe, suffering from a hip, foot and hamstring issue that was concerning her as she was planning to be walking A LOT. We are happy to report that Sally’s issues were successfully resolved and the trip was a great success!!!


Nancy S comments that she can move with a whole lot less pain, and doesn’t need to sit down to rest her back as often.

Nancy S

Ted S brags that he can now mow the lawn with ease and that turning over in bed is no longer a problem.

Ted S

Terry S comments that his balance has improved and he has a greater range of motion in his lower back.

Terry S

Val B says that she “ has always had a high energy level, now her body can keep up!”

Val B

Amy S comments that the number of sinus attacks have decreased drastically and that she handled the flu far easier than any member of her family. She also reports that she has in increased awareness of her posture and has notice that the “tension in her shoulders is gone!”

Amy S

John M, an avid runner and golfer, comments that his flexibility has improved, he has greater energy and both his running and his golf have improved.

John M

Mark C tells us that he “has been able to stay pain free for much longer periods of time and that, on the days he combines Tai Chi with his chiropractic care, he is much more productive.”

Mark C

less pain and my posture has improved!

Tom D

Carole D reports that she has greater clarity of thought and that her neck and shoulder pain has gone!

Carole D

Kirk R, who claims to be a work in progress, tells us that he has less “kinks” and “catches” when he moves.

Kirk R

Dave W says he notices that he able to walk more and “that life is more productive and that his hands are much less stiff and sore”

Dave W

Janelle K, who had a hiking accident, reports that she has seen a decided improvement in the mobility of her shoulders and neck region.
Veronica V noticed that she has “decreased pain and less stiffness in her neck, greater mobility and sleeps better.”

Janelle K

How many parents do you know are every really happy about poopy diapers? Well, a family from Lake Odessa brought in their little man Mike, who at the age of 9 months had failed to really have a dirty diaper naturally. He was on a daily regime of Milk of Magnesia and other aids to get his stomach to work. We adjusted him and sent him home. Later that evening we received a happy call to say he had had 2 natural bowel movements since the adjustment and the following day he had two “major blowouts!’… he had to literally be bathed from head to toe and all of his bed linens! They were ecstatic!..It’s like he got rid of 9 months of collected *******!. Thank you Thank you!


Mary B, who came to our office in pretty severe pain, comments that ”she is walking less crooked”, has seen a decrease in her headaches and “ no longer finds herself needing as many afternoon naps to get through the day.”
Audrey says that “she cannot live without access to a chiropractor. I have been having problems since I was 24 and been going to various chiropractors for almost 40 years. Your care has offered me a quality of life that has made life so much enjoyable and easier!!!!”
Brad L, who came in doubled up in pain, says that “I feel an inch taller, have greater flexibility and now am ready to get going.”
Jane N tells us the following story.
“ Recently, I experienced an episode of vertigo that lasted about 10 days. During the first few days, the spinning sensation was so pronounced that I thought I would fall off the carpet-even though I was prone on the floor!!! With the help of a friend, I was brought to the Lanjopoulos Family Chiropractic Center. I am convinced the other patients and staff thought I was drunk as I wobbled my way into their lobby! Again, with assistance of chiropractic and the tender care of both Dr. Ray and Charmaine, I was able to walk out in an upright position. And a few adjustments was was finally “human” again.
On a scale of 1-10 I would give the care I got a 15. Please don’t suffer when there is easy and gentle relief available.”

Mary B

Mary P told us that thanks to our care, she had avoided back surgery for which she had been scheduled.

Mary P

Our favorite testimonial is about a young lady, Megan, who is now 13 and was 2 1/2 when we first saw her.
Megan was born with a broken clavicle(collarbone). The doctors said not to worry, it was a common occurrence. Her follow up visit at 6 weeks showed it was healing and Meghan’s mom thought nothing more of it. As Megan grew however, they discovered that family life was very stressful. By the time she was two, Meghan was still only sleeping maybe 4 hours a night and had had over 20 ear infections in that time. She was subject to severe allergies to the point that a nebulizer was necessary and her parents were running on empty. She never wanted to be held or cuddled and was very particular about touching and being touched. Eating out was a nightmare, driving in the car was unthinkable, going grocery shopping or out to the mall was totally out of the question. Meghan was miserable most of the time and everybody was suffering as a result.

Having tried many different alternatives to no avail, Meghan’s mom, on her sister in law’s recommendation, decided to give us a try. Meghan slept for 10 hours after her first adjustment (the family was late getting to school and work that day!!!!) and at the time of writing has not had another ear infection. Megan also surprised Dr. Charmaine after her third visit with a hug and she has become a normal young lady in every sense of the word.


…her staff are grateful that she stopped by for an adjustment as she was less likely to be a bear when she was headache free

Stephanie T

Chiropractic allows him to keep active from sunup to bedtime and that he sleeps great at night.” He also reports having “lots more energy, enjoys life more and has way more patience.

Doug PAge 76

I was in a huge amount of pain and nothing the MD’s gave me relieved it. I saw 3 MD’s in 2 days and then 2 friends told me about your office. Dr. Charmaine was wonderful and even volunteered to come in on the weekend to adjust me. No pain after a couple of visits. Hooray!


… after the first visit, there was immediate relief and each visit has continued to improve the situation. I feel great!!

Diane B