Zika–Head for Hills!

Zika, SARS, Swine flu (twice), AIDS, bird flu, H1N1 – it’s coming.

By Dr. Tedd Koren

Head for the hills, don’t travel, don’t go out, stay home, hide under the bed, wear a condom: the next invisible killer is coming.   Oh boy, here we go again.

Every year or so the media goes ballistic and reveals that epidemiologists, researchers, and health departments are sloppy, shoot-from-the-hip, do poor research, haven’t a clue and will do and say nearly anything to get attention. Actually that’s what the media should be telling us. Instead they are part of the problem because they repeat the junk science they are told as if it’s the gospel truth. What happened to investigative journalism?

George Carlin famously said, “Americans panic easily.” Panic sells. Panic sells magazines and newspapers, and drives people to web sites, drugs and vaccines. Panic raises ratings so people will “stay tuned” and therefore advertising revenues rise.

People are excited, scared, terrified, curious, wondering, hopeful and nervous. Aren’t the presidential elections enough? I guess not.

Ho hum      

As with all the other media driven “pandemics”, when the dust settled it was no big deal. The Zika virus scare is no different; it’s a zilch (which is what my spell checker spelled out when I first typed the word Zika.)
In Brazil 4,000 cases of microcephaly were reported due to the Zika virus.

Ooops, we didn’t report it correctly. The number is 207.

Ooops, we found Zika in only 17 of them. Some pandemic.

But now reports are that heavy use of pesticides are related to the microcephaly. The DPT vaccine causes microcephaly – why didn’t the media report that?

Zika is one of millions or billions of viruses found all over the world. We’re full of viruses – and that doesn’t mean they cause anything. The media continues to spin out stories because that’s what the media does.


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