Latest News from Charmaine: January 2016

Greetings all this chilly January,

Well, Winter finally arrived which means one of two things…you get out and enjoy this weather, or you sit inside and hibernate.

In my last newsletter I talked about 12 changes we could make towards a healthier you and #1 Exercise.

Now know that this is the time of the year that gym memberships usually explode and then the bloom is off the rose by the end of the month.

walking down stairsHowever, really think about simple stuff you can do at home that can help too. Walking up and down the steps just to get the heart going drives my cat nuts but I feel good for it…..maybe throw in some push-ups on the steps too. Or throwing (not literally LOL) a kettle ball around is a good start too. I must admit I am a huge fan of my Barbell and yoga practices and see changes in my life for the good, proving that you can make a difference after 60!

A happy note here…Miss Sophia who helps us in the afternoons has been awarded a great scholarship to Northwestern which means come June we lose her…but yay Sophia!!!

DOCTORS WITH HEART will be Feb 11th…send anybody you know who could benefit from a little TLC at no cost …appointments are essential.

Stay warm, get active and let’s see you in the office, under the barbells or on the mat!

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