Eating Beef Kills More than Just the Cow

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION….HOW A BURGER KILLS MORE THAN A COW…from one of my vegan websites as they calf-362170_1920invite people to consider going meatless for a month.

It’s obvious that our food choices directly impact our health but they affect it in some less obvious ways, too.

 One of the biggest drivers of deforestation is agriculture and, because animal products need a lot more land than plants to feed the same number of people, it’s animal agriculture that is hungriest for available land.

 As global demand for meat increases, forests are increasingly destroyed to make way for farming, and the wild animals who lived there are displaced or killed. Humanity has wiped out 60 percent of all animal populations since 1970¹ and scientists warn that the Earth’s sixth mass extinction is underway.²

 The damage does not end with the felling of the trees. Without the canopy overhead to protect it from sun and wind, the soil becomes fragile and can be washed away during periods of rain. Deforestation can render once-rich landscapes utterly barren, and animal agriculture is one of the leading causes.³

 Does this actually affect us? Yes! Trees play a vital role in our survival by removing about 25 percent of harmful CO2 emissions from our atmosphere and giving us back the oxygen that we need to survive. And we need healthy soil to grow our food.

 We can play our part in protecting trees, forests, wild animals, our climate, the soil and our own oxygen supply by cutting down/eliminating meat and dairy products from our diet.

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