Chiropractic and Stress: How it helps!

chiropractic and stressWhat do chiropractic and stress have in common?

Life is full of ups and downs that are stressful. Even good events such as marriage, the birth of a child, buying a home, family reunions, vacations and many other joyful activities register quite high on the stress meter – as high in stress as when really bad things happen.

The difference is whether you hold on to your physical and emotional stress or you let your stress go once the event is over. If you had a bad event (getting fired, losing a big game, a bad relationship) it’s totally understandable that you experienced a lot of stress. But if you always carry around the hurt (stress) then it’s chronic stress and that ultimately wears you down.

If only the good feelings, the happy events, the exciting times stayed! But we’re not supposed to be high all the time, that too would be draining! We’re not meant to be on highs and lows all the time.

Many people are walking around with lots of painful memories – layers and layers of emotional and physical traumas they don’t need to hold on to anymore. One of the powerful miracles of chiropractic care is that it interrupts painful stress responses. Sometimes a chiropractic adjustment is referred to as a “pattern interrupt.” That is, the memory may continue to exist but it doesn’t eat you up inside. Technically speaking, you are no longer somaticizing your emotional stress. This frees up energy for healing and happiness.

When chiropractors address your body for subluxations, they are locating and ultimately releasing deep mind-body stress that can have powerful healing repercussions. The emotional benefits of chiropractic are so powerful that in the US alone many mental institutions were founded that used chiropractic care.

For that reason alone, everyone should have a periodic chiropractic checkup (and adjustment) in order to release stress that’s burdening them and affecting their physical and mental health.

Contact us today and be on your way to a less stressful day!


Happy Patient Jaimie reports that she has noticed that her feeling of stress in the body has dropped dramatically since starting chiropractic care and that she actually finds herself have GOOD days at work!!!!

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