How is chiropractic different from regular (orthodox) medicine?

questions-and-answers-about-chiropracticQuestion: How is chiropractic different from regular (orthodox) medicine?

Answer: Chiropractic and medicine have different philosophies about life and health.

Perhaps the best way to explain the difference is by looking at how chiropractic (and other vitalistic/natural healing arts) approaches symptoms as opposed to how medicine views symptoms.

Chiropractors view the body as intelligent, and symptoms are mechanisms the body uses to re-balance and return to homeostasis. Chiropractors respect symptoms and do not work to suppress them.

The medical approach, on the other hand, sees the body as a passive “machine,” and symptoms as bad, with no purpose other than to cause damage. Therefore, MDs prescribe drugs to fight, suppress or counteract symptoms. While people on drugs may feel better (while the drugs last), constant symptom suppression drives disease deeper into the body leading to chronic (permanent) illness.

Chiropractors promote natural healing by helping your body use its symptoms to cleanse and detoxify. Chiropractors respect the wisdom of the body when it comes to symptoms.

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