Who Should Go to a Chiropractor?

Is Chiropractic Care for You?everyone-needs-chiropractic-care

A very simple yet profound question.

The answer is dependent upon one’s concept of the goal of chiropractic.  If the goal of chiropractic is to get sick people well, then presumably sick people should go to a chiropractor.  If the goal is prevention of sickness, presumably all patients should be on a maintenance program.

Everyone can benefit from Chiropractic Care at some point in their lifetime. 

We would like to share the very unique goal of chiropractic as practiced in this office.

We would like to see ALL people, sick or well, young and old, getting their spines checked for vertebral subluxations on a regular basis to allow their bodies to better express all of their life potentials.  This would in turn allow each person to get more out of life.  In order to understand this concept, one must understand how vertebral subluxation affects the quality of one’s life.

Physiologically, it is known that virtually every expression of life is controlled, at least in part by body chemistry.   It is changes in body chemistry that determine our energy level, our ability to resist and recover from disease, our ability to extract nutrients from food, our moods, attitudes, sense of humor, our manual dexterity, and virtually every other expression of life.

Therefore, if anything happens to alter body chemistry it can affect every aspect of one’s life.  This is why the law does not allow people to drive after consuming too much alcohol.  The alcohol can produce blurred vision, slowed reaction time, poor coordination, and make a generally good driver a menace to society.

Of course the individual reaction to alcohol varies from person to person. Some people become sad, some become happy, some become violent, some silly, and some just fall asleep.  All however, seem to suffer from poor judgment and lack of coordination.

Medication is Not Always the Only Solution

Another example would be people who use medication to “treat” a variety of problems.  Just look in the Physician Desk Reference (PDR) to see that for every drug listed; side effects which can change you mentally, physically and emotionally.  It is easy to understand…

“Vertebral subluxations are, by definition, an interference with the innate control of the body.  You cannot have body chemistry in balance when vertebral subluxations are present”

…how altering body chemistry from the outside-in can affect everything we are and everything we can accomplish.  In short, it can negatively alter our potential in many different areas.

Imagine if more people knew about this!

What we really desire is to see hundreds of people who are concerned enough about their health to come in regularly with their families to receive adjustments to stay healthy and be the best they can be in life.  Imagine if more people knew about this and were getting checked and adjusted. Wouldn’t that be the community you’d want to live in?  We hope that it is your desire to be one of these type of people. If there is ever something about chiropractic health care that you do not understand, please ask us. It is our desire and pleasure to make you aware of all the benefits of being subluxation free.

While our potential, or performance levels, may be affected by drugs from the outside, they can also be affected by chemical changes that originate within.  Our body is an incredible natural chemical factory.  With a chemical reaction needed for virtually every aspect of life, there are countless numbers of chemical reactions occurring constantly.  It is the wisdom of the body, innate intelligence, which uses the brain, spinal cord and nerve system as its medium of expression, to control and coordinate the chemical producing organs and glands of the body. Any alteration in the production of chemicals like thyroxin, insulin, adrenaline, cortisone, testosterone, estrogen, and dozens of others (known and unknown) in the body, will produce just as drastic a change as would chemicals administered from the outside-in.

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What are Vertebral subluxations?

Vertebral subluxations are, by definition, an interference with the innate control of the body. You cannot have body chemistry in balance when vertebral subluxations are present.  When you have an imbalance of body chemistry you are unable to fully express your potential in any number of areas.

It is not our goal to be a “sore back/neck doc”” dealing with neck aches and backaches and referring people out.  Every man, woman, and child in our community deserves to know the truth.   Chiropractic is not just for backaches, nor is it for cancer.  It is not for any particular malady.

Chiropractic is for people! All people!

Chiropractic is for people! All people!  There is not a person you will ever meet, who should not have his or her spine checked regularly.  It is the goal of this office to share chiropractic with as many people as possible, to allow their bodies to function and perform at a higher level of efficiency.  Thus enabling them to more fully express all of their potentials and abilities, and therefore, get more out of their lives.

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