Latest News From Charmaine: September Newsletter: Turning on Life!

Latest NewsGreetings all,

We are now in the final quarter of the year (YIKES!!) Summer and vacations are almost a distant memory and we now (mostly) slip into a routine based on school activities and classroom demands.

Children need adequate rest

As a parent or grandparent, make sure that your child is getting adequate rest, great nourishment and plenty of unstructured time (preferably away from any screen based “thingy” to allow for decompression and also to stimulate their creativity).

With the return to all the school sports, it becomes vital to make sure that your children are checked often for subluxations to ensure that they are given the best possible chance to be as good and healthy as possible.

Thank You, Sophia!

Sophia left us earlier this month, on to a new chapter in her life…along with many of your children and grandchildren entering college for the first time.

Chiropractic Care and College Students

Again Chiropractic care becomes important to them as well as they tend to burn the candle at both ends and in the middle…typical college kids and maybe their diet is not quite like at home as they now have the “freedom” to make their own choices.  Hopefully they have also learned that they really need to make time for exercise in order to stay well.  When they come home for the weekend…try and schedule an appointment for a check up!!!

Michigan Senior Olympics are done, State meet is next on the calendar (Nov 5th) and we will also be out of the office for a late summer/early fall break at the end of this month….9/22 (pm) thru’ 10/2 back in the office October 3rd.

Stay safe…see you on the table, under the barbells, on the yoga mat or around town!

Turning on Life!

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