Can Chiropractic Care help with Colic?

YES! Chiropractic Care helps with colic and infant vomiting

colic and chiropractic care

Although a lot of people associate chiropractic with low back, neck and hip problems or headaches and migraines, chiropractic care doesn’t “treat”a particular disease. Rather it corrects a dangerous form of spine/nerve stress called the subluxation. This may be causing an infant’s colic.

Infants may suffer from subluxations as a result of a difficult birth (especially when forceps or vacuum extraction are used) or a fall, in which case the child begins life with subluxations in his/her body and the potential for serious health problems any time in their life.

In fact, any time an infant has any health problems it is essential they be checked for subluxations. We’ve reported on case studies showing that babies and toddlers with colic, projectile vomiting, failure to thrive, sleeping problems, eczema, vision and hearing problems and many other conditions respond to chiropractic care.

Every baby and child should have a chiropractic checkup.

They may not be able to complain about pain or a problem now, but we can locate and correct subluxations in them before they are able to verbalize their problems.

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