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Walk, or Run, to Lower Heart Disease Risk: Benefits Are Similar

A brisk walk may be just as good as a run for keeping the the heart healthy.

Researchers studied 33,060 runners who were participating in the National Runners’ Health Study and 15,045 walkers enrolled in the National Walkers’ Health Study over six years. All the participants were between the ages of 18 to 80, with most in their 40s and 50s. The exercises answered questionnaires about their physical activity, and the researchers calculated how much energy they expended based on the distance the volunteers reported walking or running. They also recorded any doctor-diagnosed heart conditions.

Although walking isn’t as intense as running, the study authors say both target the same muscle groups, which could explain why their results in improving heart health are so similar. The results suggest that the type of exercise may not be as important as how much people walk or run.

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You’re on Fire

“I’m on fire with desire”, “I burn with excitement” and other phrases refer to extreme emotional states. But you don’t need to go to extremes – you’re on fire all the time, awake and asleep.

Put your hand in front of your mouth or nose and exhale. What do you feel? Heat! Warm air! Where is the heat coming from? From your fire, of course. You’re burning right now as you read these words.

You’re burning up. Your fuel – food mixing with the oxygen you breathe – is creating fire and the result is heat and lots of other energy as well.

So why don’t you burn up? Well, you are. Don’t replenish your fuel stores with food and stop breathing and you’d shrivel up and die out, just like any other fire.
But we don’t have flames coming out of us, do we? We aren’t really on fire, are we?

We are. But, irrespective of what romance novelists may have us believe, our fire is quiet and slow. We burn ever so carefully so we won’t damage our insides and get, well, burnt. Our energy is released in little bits, in controlled amounts and steadily, as needed, not explosively as when we burn paper or wood.

All living creatures are on a slow fire. A very slow, low-temperature fire. How do they do this? They use special chemicals, proteins, called enzymes to keep the fire under control.

That’s why paper may burn at Fahrenheit 242 degrees but you burn at 98.6 degrees (on average).

Since you are always burning food you lose weight with every breath. You lose water too! What an odd fire – a wet burning one.

When did your fire begin?

You were born on fire. Your brain cells were dividing, your heart was racing, your blood was streaming even in utero – you were hot even then. But where did your fire come from? You didn’t start the fire. You received the fire from your parents. They received their fire from their parents, and they from theirs going back and back and back to the beginning.

Life is a struggle to keep your fire burning bright. Nurture your fire, let it burn pure and true, let your light shine as a blessing to all. Don’t let it get extinguished.

—Make sure you eat nutrient dense foods that have not been denatured by refining and by added chemicals.
–Eat organic fresh food. As a general rule eat foods that can go bad, before they go bad.
–Force your fire to burn hot by exercising so that sweat and extra heat can expel and burn away wastes.
–Drink plenty of good water so your slow fire can burn evenly.

**************AND every person should get a chiropractic checkup to ensure that their body is functioning at its peak. Keep your fire burning – see your chiropractor. ******************

The Big Idea

A slip on the snowy sidewalks in winter is a small thing. It happens to millions.
A fall from a ladder is a small thing. It also happens to millions
A slip or fall produces a subluxation. The subluxation is a small thing.
The subluxation produces pressure on a nerve. That pressure is a small thing.
That decreased flowing produces a dis-eased body and brain
That is a big thing to that man.

Multiply that sick man by a thousand and you control
the physical and mental welfare of a city.
Multiply that man by one hundred thirty million, and you forecast
and can prophesy the physical and mental status of a nation.
So the slip or fall, the subluxation pressure, flow of mental images,
and disease are big enough to control the thoughts and actions of a nation.

Now comes a man. And one man is a small thing.
This man gives an adjustment. The adjustment is a small thing.
The adjustment replaces the subluxation. That is a small thing
The adjusted subluxation releases pressure upon nerves. This is a small thing.
The released pressure restores health to a man. This is a big thing to that man.
Mutiply that well man by a million and you increase the efficiency of a state.
Multiply that well man by a hundred million and
you have produced a healthy , wealthy, and better race for posterity.

So, the adjustment of the subluxation to release pressure upon nerves,
to restore mental impulse flow, to restore health, is big enough
to rebuild the thoughts and actions of the world.

The idea that knows the cause, that can correct the cause of dis-ease,
Is one of the biggest ideas known. Without it, nations fall; with it, nations rise.
The idea is the biggest I know of.

-B.J.Palmer 1944


When faced with a health problem, how often have you said the following?

Maybe it will go away………….Are you willing to take the chance?

It comes and goes………………Why wait until it becomes a constant problem.

It’s not that bad!…………………….Compared to what?

Why change now?……………..Do you have so little respect for your body? (Remember it has to last 80+ years)

I don’t have any symptoms…..First sign of a heart attack in 57% of the time -death

I don’t have the time………….Can you afford to be out of commission?

I know what my problem is…..And your solution is……..?

I was told I have to live with it..Don’t give up on you body or your body will give up on you!

They couldn’t find anything…Isn’t it time for a different approach?

I don’t want to know!……………What you don’t know can hurt.

It’s because of my age!…………Why do some people age better than others?

I can’t afford it………………You can’t afford not to!

Such thoughts could prevent you from enjoying the benefits that millions have successfully experienced thru’ safe, gentle chiropractic care.


Isn’t it time to start on your own health journey?

Think: How your past decisions have affected your health.
Evaluate: The quality of your present health.
Choose: To control the quality of your future health.
Change: Your thoughts, actions and decisions today which will determine the quality of life tomorrow