Researching Chiropractic: Tourette’s, Ear Infections, Meniere’s Disease

Researching Chiropractic. How many people who are suffering, reliant on medication on drugs, and facing a life of limitation could be helped by chiropractic care?  Probably most of them.

Tourette’s Syndrome in a nine-year-old boy

The child suffered from Tourette’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), depression, asthma, insomnia, and headaches since age 7. 

Forceps were used during his delivery. He was fully vaccinated. His medications included AlbuterolT, DepakoteT, WellbutrinT, and AdderallT. 

Chiropractic care corrected and stabilized the patient’s subluxation. After six weeks of care, all six conditions were no longer present, and all medications were discontinued, except for a half-dose of WellbutrinT. 

After five months of care, all symptoms remained absent. (1) 

Head tilt, ear infections, and other problems in a seven-month-old boy

This is the case of a 7-month-old boy with significant head tilt from birth, ear infections, flattening of the left side of his face, spitting up 15 times per day, projectile vomiting (about once each week), and muscle spasms. The child cried frequently and rarely laughed. 

Chiropractic adjustments were performed three times a week for three months. After five months of chiropractic care, the child’s head tilt and associated muscle spasms were absent, dramatically improving the child’s general demeanor. Regurgitation became much less frequent, with some residual facial asymmetry remaining. (2) 

Meniere’s disease (MD) in a forty-eight-year-old woman

Forty-eight-year-old woman, a retired registered nurse, was diagnosed with right unilateral Meniere’s Disease (MD) in 1995 that started going bilateral in 1998. Her symptoms included multiple vertigo episodes with nausea and vomiting (including drop attacks), low-frequency hearing loss, tinnitus, and pain. Other MD symptoms include dizziness, imbalance, hearing distortion, hyperacusis, nystagmus, BPPV, brain fog, severe sweating, severe depression, anxiety with panic attacks, IBS, TMJ dysfunction, migraines, headaches, chronic fatigue, eustachian tube dysfunction, neck, and low back pain.

Chiropractic care consisted of twelve visits over six days. All her complaints were resolved except hearing loss though it did improve. She returned for a reevaluation four years later. All of her complaints continued to resolve except for partial hearing loss. (3) 

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