Do babies benefit from chiropractic care?

Absolutely – all children (including babies) benefit from a chiropractic check-up, and, if needed, adjustment/correction. What can cause a child’s spine to have subluxations? Let us count the ways: first, there is the stress of being in the womb. If the mother’s pelvis is not properly balanced the baby may not be able to turn and a breech presentation may occur. That’s why pregnant women find that getting chiropractic care can help turn the baby, so it is in the best possible position for a healthy delivery.

Then there’s the trauma of birth. Some deliveries are not as natural as they can be. Sometimes forceps are used or too much stress is placed on the baby’s spine. Chiropractic care should be employed immediately after birth.  

Of course, there’s the stress of learning to walk, falls, accidents, and life’s bumps – childhood can be a very traumatic time. For these and many other reasons, all children need chiropractic care. Why wait until adulthood to correct their spinal subluxations?

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