Can chiropractic help allergies?

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Allergy is a recent condition. It didn’t exist until modern times. John Bostock, MD originally described his own symptoms of “hay fever” for the British Royal Society in 1819. He later reported that after investigating 5,000 patients in all of England he was able to find only 28 cases of this new condition.

Allergies were pretty much unknown throughout the UK, US, and Canada, as well as the rest of the world, until modern times. For example, in Japan allergies barely existed until 1950, but now affect about 1 in ten Japanese.

Today allergies are commonplace, and the numbers are growing all over the world. What novel environmental factor can account for this now all too common condition?

One of many examples is that researchers, wearing medically approved blinders blame allergies on mites – as if mites didn’t exist before modern times. Others blame “allergenic” foods – which magically didn’t exist in earlier times as well as worms, cockroaches, mice, and dust. Why should we not wonder that none of these “allergens” caused allergies until modern times?

Others have reported that lack of breastfeeding caused allergies – but not all women breastfed their babies for various reasons. That’s why wet nurses were in use. No allergies were ever reported. Others said allergies were caused by crowded cities and atmospheric pollution but again, where were allergies in the crowded cities in Europe and Asia in times past?

Sometimes “medical experts” and “researchers,” say the most foolish things and avoid telling us the truth. Because they are so revered, their mistakes can lead to serious health problems. Today’s reliance on medical and government “experts” has caused terrible worldwide suffering.

Researchers have discovered that vaccinated children have allergies while allergies (as well as asthma and autism) are rare in the non-vaccinated. (1)

Can chiropractic help allergies?

Allergies, whatever their cause, appear to be an overreaction or hypersensitivity of the immune system. By adjusting subluxations, the Doctor of Chiropractic takes stress off both the nervous and immune systems.

For that reason, chiropractic care has been a blessing to many allergy sufferers. Chiropractic seems to interrupt the nervous system’s immune system overreaction. The chiropractic adjustment can be referred to as a “pattern interrupt.” The overreaction of the nervous system stops and the body functions more effectively – something all allergy sufferers need. Recent understandings in psychoneuroimmunology reveal that when the nervous system functions better the immune system functions better. (2-3) That is something chiropractors have been saying for over 125 years!

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