“The Chiropractor Will Kill Your Baby”

In addition to the research we give you every month, we thought a personal story would be a nice addition. Thank you to our colleague Guy Furno, DC for this story.

An 8-month-old girl was not speaking any words, was not hitting her developmental milestones, couldn’t sit up on her own, could not hold infant girlher head up for too long, never turned her head to the left, held her breath, had rashes, and was constipated. When she would be in the high chair being fed, she would arc her whole body backwards and pass out unconscious.

The pediatrician and pediatric neurologist said the child needed proton pump inhibitors but that they would have to wait another 6 months to do an MRI because they needed to anesthetize her.

The parents asked about chiropractic care but both MDs told them that a chiropractor “would kill her.”

The parents were terrified, but eventually they came to my office because the baby was getting worse and modern medicine offered no answers.

The parents brought in the child. I adjusted her at C1 to correct the subluxation. It took less than a minute. The parents asked, “that’s it?” and I told them “that’s it.”

The parents called me that night to tell me that she was able to sit and eat without going unconscious and that she already had a bowel movement. Four days later at her next visit she was now rolling onto her belly, lifting her head while prone, turning her head to the left, and was no longer passing out. She was having about three bowel movements per day and, miracle of miracles … I didn’t “kill her.” 

A NOTE FROM DRS RAY & CHARMAINE…  we have witnessed many “miracles” in our office as we check and adjust infants and young children…….REMOVE THE BLOCKAGE(SUBLUXATION) AND LIFE FORCE FLOWS!!!!


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