Researching Chiropractic: Chronic Constipation

Case study: Enuresis, chronic constipation & dysautonomia in a 9-year-old child

A 9-year-old child suffering from chronic constipation and day and night time bedwetting (enuresis) began chiropractic care for management of subluxations.  Postural abnormalities, vertebral subluxations and nervous system imbalance (dysautonomia) were found upon examination.

The child received adjustments to the upper cervical spine (C1 vertebra) and to the sacrum over a 7-month period. After receiving the first adjustment the parent was thrilled to report that her child had multiple bowel movements as well as cessation of enuresis for three consecutive nights.

The patient continued to report no daytime or nighttime loss of urine control as well as one to two bowel movements per day after receiving specific chiropractic care.

chronic constipation

Rollette D, LaMarca C. Resolution of enuresis, constipation & dysautonomia in a 9-year-old child following chiropractic care for management of vertebral subluxation: a case study & review of literature.  Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health ~ Chiropractic. June 25, 2018:57-67.

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