Spring Resolutions are Better

What are Spring Resolutions?spring resoutions

People like to make a big to-do about “New Year’s Resolutions,” but springtime is really the best time to make them. After all, there’s no difference between December 31st and January 1st. The weather is still cold, rainy and snowy in many places; it’s still dark, the ground is frozen and bare. Life is hunkering down to survive the elements and you may even have a hangover from the celebrations the night before. How inspiring is that? Is it any wonder we don’t follow through with all our grand plans and ideals?

Spring is the true time for renewal and growth.

We get another chance.The earth is thawing, transforming and awakening; sunlight is much stronger and lasts longer and new life is appearing. So here we offer you a better recommendation: make your resolutions now. What better time than the season of renewal to:

  • get more sun (it’s easier) spring resolutions
  • eat better
  • cook more meals from scratch
  • eat more fruit and veggies
  • go for walks
  • exercise
  • call your mother and father more
  • play with the young ones more
  • write
  • make music
  • dance more
  • take better care of yourself

With that in mind don’t forget a resolution to come in for regular chiropractic checkups and adjustments.

There’s another reason why springtime is the ideal time to commit to the resolutions you probably forgot about on January 1st.

Who can think about exercising when you have a hangover?

What will be your Spring Resolutions?


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