Why do so many people use chiropractic for back and neck pain?

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Question: Why is chiropractic considered a treatment for back and neck pain by many people?

Answer: It’s a matter of real estate, i.e. location.

Back and Neck Pain

Doctors of Chiropractic work on your spine and structural system in order to release nerve interference or nerve stress (subluxations). We work on that part of the body because that’s where the nerves are. Because chiropractors work on the spine it is assumed we are treating spinal pain. But why do children with asthma, bedwetting and allergies respond to chiropractic care? Why do women with menstrual cramps or those with headaches and migraines respond to chiropractic care? Why is there better sports performance and improved balance, vision and hearing?

That’s because nerves from your spine are like telephone wires connecting your brain to your internal organs, glands, muscles and many other body parts. They need to communicate with no static or interference. spinal surgeryHowever, if your spine has subluxations (distortions affecting nerves), your communication system breaks down, affecting your entire body and that can affect the organs your nerves connect to. See the illustration showing how nerves from the spine (and brain) connect to your organs, etc. Chiropractic is good for your whole body – it’s wholistic.

After all, chiropractic was discovered by DD Palmer when a patient’s hearing returned after a spinal adjustment.

So yes, nerve-muscle-spine (neuromusculoskeletal) pain responds very well to chiropractic adjustments but chiropractors work on the spine to help the whole body. Don’t limit chiropractic care to aches and pains – it can help people in many ways.

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