Chiropractic Care and Spinal Surgery: Is it safe?

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Question: Can I receive chiropractic care even if I’ve had spinal surgery, a spinal fusion or have implanted rods?

Answer: First let us say that anyone who is told they need spinal surgery such as a spinal fusion or “disc” operation should first see if they are a good candidate for chiropractic care. For over a hundred years Doctors of Chiropractic have saved people from unnecessary back and neck surgery.

In fact, the majority of spinal fusion operations (the most common form of spinal surgery) are unnecessary and even worse, end up as failures – the pain comes back, except this time the spine is weakened from the surgery, there may be internal scar tissue and there may be incomplete healing. (1)

But sadly, many people don’t know about the chiropractic alternative and submit to spinal surgery. In so many cases the pain returns after a few months or years. They may be advised to have a second operation, or a third.

Can they receive chiropractic care after spinal surgery? spinal surgery

Yes! Can they receive chiropractic care even if they have metal rods or screws in their spine? Yes!

Low back surgery has a terrible success rate. Before anyone rushes in to this procedure they should read this and then come see us!

P.S. Feel free to write to us with any more questions.

  1. Fritsch EW1,Heisel J,Rupp S. The failed back surgery syndrome: reasons, intraoperative findings, and long-term results: a report of 182 operative treatments. Spine.1996 Mar 1;21(5):626-633.

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