Latest News from Charmaine: June & July Combined

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This is the first time I am doing this. I am combining June and July’s newsletter as we will be having a vacation break in July when the newsletter would normally appear.

So, let’s start by advising you that we will be out of the office July 3rd and 4th and then from noon 7/14 until 8am 7/24 as we are taking a break with the kids when they come home from Norway where the month of July is their vacation time!

The gardens are looking glorious and the Farmers Markets are bringing more and more produce to sell which makes this my favorite time for all things food.  Screaming fresh salad ingredients have a taste that we cannot find the rest of the year….so maximize your shopping from them and help to support a neighbor in the process.

Coming up August 8/14 I will be at the Michigan Senior (?) Olympics in Rochester. I have “aged up” and so that means I have to try and win gold all over again.

Meanwhile, as a recent post said keep your ducks in a row or at least in the same pond!

See you on the table, in the office, on the mat or under the barbells.

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