What diseases do chiropractors treat?

The answer is: None of them and all of themPalmer

Chiropractic is not a treatment for named diseases but should be sought out no matter what conditions or diseases a person suffers from or is diagnosed with – back pain, depression, cold. flu, cancer, autism, allergies, asthma – everything from A to Z.

How can that be?

Chiropractic’s purpose is to release subluxations – blockages or interferences in your body that prevent you from functioning at your best.

Think of chiropractic subluxation correction as you would good nutrition. What diseases do you need good nutrition for? All of them!

The chiropractic message is simple: do not live with subluxations and do not let your children, your spouse and your friends and relatives live with subluxations.

One day going to the chiropractor for a subluxation checkup will be done by most everyone on a regular basis. We need to start more conversations with, “Hey, did you see your chiropractor this week?”

Have you?

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