Chiropractic Case Studies: June 2016

Researching chiropractic case studies

Chiropractic clinical case histories have been a regular feature of our patient newsletter since its inception. There seems to be no limit to the health problems that respond to chiropractic care. How many people suffering, on drugs, facing a life of limitation could be helped by chiropractic care? Probably most of them.

Headaches in a six-year-old

case study headaches in childrenA 6-year-old boy who had been suffering from chronic headaches for the past two years of his life was brought in for chiropractic care.
Medical doctors could not figure out what was causing his headaches. The child was prescribed pain killers (ibuprofen) which were ineffective.
A chiropractic analysis revealed he had subluxations in his upper neck (upper cervical spine) and he began a series of spinal adjustments. After 10 visits over a 2-month period his headaches completely resolved. (1)

From breech to normal birth presentation

case study breech to normal birthA 31-year-old pregnant woman was diagnosed with a transverse breech presentation by her obstetrician when she was 30 weeks pregnant.
She received a special type of chiropractic adjustment known as the Webster Technique that relaxes the pelvis and permits the uterus to expand so the fetus could turn to a healthy presentation for delivery. After 7 visits over 3 weeks of chiropractic care, the patient’s midwife confirmed that the child was no longer in a breech position and had assumed a normal (vertex) presentation. The mother was then able to have a natural home birth. (2)

A five-year-old with sensory modulation disorder and constipation

case study head traumaA 5-year-old girl had a history of birth trauma, developmental delays, sensory processing challenges, sleep difficulties and other functional disorders.
Following chiropractic adjustments, she demonstrated more frequent bowel movements, more-restful sleep, improved mood and improved ability to concentrate and engage with her environment. (3)

Seizures and behavioral disturbances following head trauma

case study 2 year old head traumaA 2-year-old boy suffering from seizures, behavioral disturbances and cognitive developmental delays following a head trauma was brought to a chiropractic office. Since the accident the boy had 1-3 seizures per week, but occasionally had as many as three seizures a day.
He was also combative, angry, uncooperative with his parents and language delayed. Fifteen months after the trauma the parents sought out chiropractic care for their child.
A chiropractic examination revealed that the boy had a subluxation of the C1 (atlas) vertebra.
He had seven chiropractic visits over 5½ months and was adjusted three times over the course of care. There was improvement and eventual cessation of his seizure activity following the chiropractic care in addition to improvement in his behavior and cognitive development. (4)

Do you know someone who is suffering?

If you know anyone who may be suffering from similar symptoms or problems, please share this article with them. You could help them avoid a life time of difficulty with gentle, non-invasive chiropractic care.


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