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The Three T’s: Trauma

Let’s Discuss Trauma

The 3 T’s of chiropractic are thoughts, trauma and toxins.

In this article we cover trauma.

DD Palmer, the discoverer of chiropractic in 1895 said that dis-ease or body malfunction is utrauma repetitive motionsually caused by three things: toxins, thoughts and trauma.

Trauma is any force that the body cannot resist or adapt to.

When people think of trauma they often think of something violent – a car accident, a fall, a sports injury, a difficult delivery, sleeping in a weird position, collisions or other sudden disruptions.

What is micor-trauma?trauma repetitive motion sports

But there’s also micro-trauma – doing the same thing over and over so that it eventually wears down and damages the body: typing in the same position, laying carpet or even playing a sport using the same motion over and over.

The Result is Sublaxation

Whether it is a macro-trauma or a micro-trauma the result is often a subluxation – a distortion in your body structure creating dis-ease. As a result, your body struggles to re-balance and function ideally. Your nervous system is under-working or over-working. There is muscle, organ or tissue weakness, sub-optimal functioning and lack of health (wholeness). This dis-ease sets the stage for disease.

Chiropractic Care can Help

Chiropractors are specially trained to locate and correct subluxations in your body whether trauma has occurred today or at birth or any time in between. That is why everyone, from infants to the elderly, needs a chiropractic checkup and adjustment.

The 3 T’s – Toxins, Thoughts and Trauma

toxins from air pollution Dr. Daniel David (DD) Palmer, the discoverer of chiropractic (1895), said that dis-ease (body malfunction) was caused by toxins, thoughts and trauma – the three T’s. Modern science is just catching up to his insights; he was far ahead of his time.

Understanding the 3 T’s

Understanding the three T’s will help you understand the causes of disease, how to prevent disease and, if you are suffering, how to address the cause. For this issue we’re going to discuss toxins.


Toxins (poisons in the environment) have been linked to:

  • Cancermasks to prevent toxins
  • Brain tumors
  • Heart disease
  • Parkinson’s
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • ALS
  • Autism
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Depression
  • Immune system failure
  • Much more

Many of these diseases are linked to chronic or long-standing inflammation which is what toxins create. A toxic person is like a walking time bomb, waiting for disease to strike.

 How do we become toxic?toxins from water pollution

 Toxins come from our external environment (exogenous toxicity) and from our internal environment (endogenous toxicity).

External Environment

There are so many toxins in our external environment that we can’t list them all. They include air pollution, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, mercury and other heavy metals from dental fillings, chemical factories, waste dumps, toxic chemicals injected via vaccination, outgassing from carpets and various products, the chlorine and toxins from carpetsfluoride and waste chemicals in our water – the list is long and depressing.

Toxins in Newborns

Toxins are so common that researchers have found more than 200 chemicals in newborn umbilical cord blood including the controversial plastics additive bisphenol A, or BPA, which mimics estrogen and has been shown to cause developmental problems and precancerous growth in animals. Is it any wonder why our children are so sick today? (Goodman S. Scientific American. Sept. 2, 2009.)

Internal Toxins

Toxins generated from inside our body include oral pathology such as toxins from root canalsinfected root canals, infected wisdom tooth sockets, infected tonsils, longstanding waste in the colon, intestinal parasites and many others. Toxins generated from inside the body can be just as dangerous as those from outside the body.

 What do you do for toxicity?

 How do you remove toxins? It is done through the process of detoxification.

Detoxification Procedures

Since ancient times, for thousands of years, people all over the world in many cultures have employed numerous detoxification procedures such as fasting, hot baths, sauna, clay, cleansing diets, sweat lodges, exercises, special diets, enemas, colonics, massage, bodywork, sunlight (heliotherapy) and many other procedures.
remove toxins with a sauna

How do you start to detoxify?

There is much you can do to detoxify. Doctors of Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Chinese medicine and Ayurveda and other healthcare practitioners from different disciplines often specialize in or work with people who can address toxicity.
If you are worried about toxins in your system make an appointment with us today. We can help!