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Healthy Road Trip Snacks

healthy road trip snacks How to you fit in healthy road trip snacks when you vacation?

By Matt Frazier, ultra-marathonner and vegan advocate

Matt Frazier runs the popular fitness site No Meat Athlete.

In this excerpt he talks about healthy road trip snacks.

“So I learned an important rule for road trips: when you find a good grocery store, stock up. On foods that you can eat on the go, with no prep.” ~Matt Frazier

Very quickly, I learned what foods worked best in the car to keep me from resorting to junk:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Hummus (I’d eat it fast because it wouldn’t last more than a day without a fridge)healthy road trip snacks fruit
  • Trail mix/granola
  • Smoothies made from just fruit (the pre-made kind — definitely not ideal, but a way to get a lot of good calories quickly)
  • Giant salads from the salad bar — I’d grab enough to last for two meals, dump a bunch of chickpeas on top, and if I was lucky enough to be at a Whole Foods, add some oil-free tahini garlic dressing.
  • Anything cracker-like but still healthy (could be baked corn chips, Wasa crispbreads, rice cakes, etc.)

What do you eat on the road? helahty road trip snacks salad

We want to hear from you. What are you favorite healthy road trip snacks?