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Antibiotics and RoundupT

Your body’s digestive system works best when you have a strong, diverse gut microbiota of healthy bacteria and other beneficial microorganisms. An optimal digestive system is essential for a healthy immune system as it is crucial in helping your body absorb and use nutrients while also working to eliminate toxins. 

Two major threats to healthy gut microbiota are commonly used in this country. Both antibiotics and the product, RoundupT, the herbicide, can greatly damage the vital organisms in your gut. RoundupT, a product used throughout the US in home gardens and commercial farms, contains glyphosate, which acts like an antibiotic and damages the intestinal microbiota. 

To combat the negative effects of antibiotics and glyphosate on your gut, your body must repopulate the bacteria and other microorganisms damaged by treatment or exposure. To avoid the contamination of glyphosate from RoundupT, commit to eating organic, non-GMO foods and always thoroughly wash produce before consumption. Regularly incorporate foods high in probiotics to heal and strengthen your gut microbiota. These foods are often fermented; popular examples include sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir, apple cider vinegar, kombucha, miso, pickles, and kimchi (always check labels to ensure you buy probiotic-rich brands).

By removing the contamination from RoundupT and working to build and support gut microbiota, parents have reported autism, asthma, and childhood illnesses improving. 

Traditional Eating: Why Do We Need Good Nutrition?

Apart from the obvious – to easily maintain our ideal weight, have lots of energy, and live free from disease and infirmity – we must also look at nutrition from an inter-generational or species perspective. Good nutrition ensures healthier children and (later) grandchildren!

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Only healthy well-nourished people can produce healthy children. When we are healthy, we look better and are better able to attract a mate so we can produce healthy, strong, fertile children free from physical and mental defects and disorders. The goal of good nutrition is the survival of the species and the passing of good, healthy genes and qualities.

Our current epidemic of infertility – nearly 20% of all couples are unable to conceive-and our current epidemic of children with chronic illness is no coincidence. The pesticides and toxins in our foods are causing generational damage. Only eat organic. And here is another great rule:

A Good General Nutrition Rule 

If the food wasn’t around when your grandparents were around, avoid it; make sure your food and preparations are as traditional and as old-fashioned as possible.


Being Healthy Is a Revolutionary Act

By Pilar Gerasimo / Experience Life Magazine (this is an extract)

You Want to Be Healthy?Untitled design (83)

Well, hey, that’s wonderful!

This article is designed to help you succeed. It will equip you with a clarifying sense of what you are up against and prepare you for the journey ahead.

And if you’re feeling a little ambivalent about getting started, it will also give you a friendly kick in the pants. That’s important because getting and staying healthy in the current culture isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a big challenge.

But who, you ask, has the time and energy for another big challenge?

Exactly. Most of us are running around on fumes.

We complain that we don’t have time to eat right or exercise or get enough sleep. We don’t have time to cook or relax or goof around. We don’t have time to get outdoors or connect with the people we love. Most of all, we don’t have time to learn how our bodies work and what it takes to keep them healthy.

And that’s a big part of why so many of us are getting sick. And fat. And depressed. And why we see so many friends and loved ones being diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
Understandably, faced with the daunting prospect of changing our lives, most of us would just as soon put it off until tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next.

And that’s precisely what about 80 percent of the U.S. population is doing right now. You can join them, watching as the pounds pile on, worrying as the blood pressure climbs, struggling as the energy flags, and fretting as the prescriptions and side effects and medical bills add up. And when things get bad enough, then you can think about changing.

Or, you can spare yourself years of downward spiraling misery and do something about it now.

If you’ve already set out on the path to health, or if you’re already as vital and fit as you want to be, rock on! You deserve a lot of credit — probably far more than you’ve been giving yourself.

And if you’ve been struggling in your attempts to get healthier, don’t beat yourself up about it. Let go of the self-recrimination for a minute. Prepare, instead, to take a clear-eyed look at the uphill battle you’ve been waging, and at why your successes may seem so hard-won.

“Traditional” Eating:  The cost of a candy bar

Don’t feel guilty when you pay for good quality grass-fed beef, soy-free chicken and eggs, and grass-fed, 100% raw milk and cream (hopefully it’s available) from farms, markets, and specialty shops.

You are actually paying a fair price and ensuring your family’s health.

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The next time you’re at the grocery store, try this little exercise. Do a simple comparison by the pound of different foods. You’ll likely find that candy bars cost from $14 a pound to $22 a pound. Of course, nobody pays $22 for a candy bar, but that’s just because a candy bar never weighs a pound.

See how expensive just a “cheap” little candy bar really is?

Why is it that so many people spend lavishly on their homes, cars, and lifestyle, but when it comes to food they settle for the cheapest?

The true value is seen in the subtle long-term effects. Everything we eat either helps our body repair and replace cells, or it damages and degrades. The food we eat has a very direct effect on the health of our gut. Please remember whenever you eat anything, ask yourself the question, “Will this help or harm me and my children?”

Some things are worth our getting a good deal, but food quality should not be one of them. The American diet is said to be one of the worst in the world. Spend your money wisely. As the saying goes, “Some people spend their health trying to gain wealth, only to later spend their wealth to gain back their health.”


Nourishing Traditions: Raw Milk

Raw milk is healthier and saferraw milk

Raw milk is completely fresh and unprocessed (not pasteurized). Raw milk has more nutrients, enzymes and minerals than pasteurized milk where the heating process damages vitamins and enzymes. Raw milk promotes health.

Studies show that raw milk protects against asthma, allergies, eczema and respiratory infections. Reports gathered by the Weston A. Price Foundation indicate that you are at least thirty-five times more likely to contract illness from other foods than from raw milk. There has never been a confirmed death from raw milk, but there have been more than 70 deaths from pasteurized milk and pasteurized milk products.

Paraw milksteurized milk is much more dangerous than raw milk. Even more significant is that higher mortality rates in men and women, with a higher fracture incidence, were found in those using pasteurized as opposed to raw milk. (1)

For more information about nutrition click here and put “raw,” “pasteurized,” “milk,” etc. in the search engine and see what you find.

Note here: Cheech and Chong are apparently taking up this issue now….now that pot is becoming more accepted, they are on to the next BIG THING…..not sure I would want their help…but there you are!

  1. Michaëlsson K, Wolk A, Langenskiöld S. Milk intake and risk of mortality and fractures in women and men: cohort studies. British Medical Journal. 2014;349:g6015.

Vacations and Back Pain: NOT FAIR!

Subluxations Don’t Take Vacationsvacations and back pain

A very interesting thing happens on vacations –we may do lots of things that we don’t usually do.   There’s nothing wrong with this at all.  Actually it is a very good thing   In my humble opinion, it is always a good idea to try and play outside of your regular comfort zone even if it is just for a week.

 Vacations and Back Pain: Give me a break!

One of the things we tend to do differently during vacations is that we change our healthy habits… especially eating and drinking.  Before you think that isn’t true for Dr. Ray and myself, I will tell you it is true for us as well. While we made every effort to stay fairly close to our normal eating patterns, and we were blessed with a fabulous Farmers Market in Boyne City where 80% of the offerings were organic, it did not stop us from eating stuff like ice-cream and chips, and maybe more bread than normal.

All things that are more of a chemical stress on the nerve system and could trigger more subluxations.   Given our involvement with our grandchild and all the activities we got involved in, our usual regime was all over the place.  We were blessed tho’, in that we traveled with 3 chiropractors in our group, so we did get checked virtually daily….and that was priceless but not the norm for most people.

Maintain Healthy Habits to Avoid Back Pain on Vacation

Creating health is about eliminating negative values like spinal subluxations, pesticides and toxins, lack of sleep, lethargic lifestyle choices, sugar and artificial sweeteners.  And at the same time making sure positive values such as reducing subluxations, consuming good clean water, getting good fuel into your body and moving your body daily,  are a major emphasis in your life.

The less stress there is on the body, mentally, physically and chemically, the easier it is to express a better quality of life.

Remember no matter how good or bad you feel, subluxations don’t take vacations.

Come to our office and get adjusted BEFORE and AFTER a vacation.