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“Traditional” Eating:  The cost of a candy bar

Don’t feel guilty when you pay for good quality grass-fed beef, soy-free chicken and eggs, and grass-fed, 100% raw milk and cream (hopefully it’s available) from farms, markets, and specialty shops.

You are actually paying a fair price and ensuring your family’s health.

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The next time you’re at the grocery store, try this little exercise. Do a simple comparison by the pound of different foods. You’ll likely find that candy bars cost from $14 a pound to $22 a pound. Of course, nobody pays $22 for a candy bar, but that’s just because a candy bar never weighs a pound.

See how expensive just a “cheap” little candy bar really is?

Why is it that so many people spend lavishly on their homes, cars, and lifestyle, but when it comes to food they settle for the cheapest?

The true value is seen in the subtle long-term effects. Everything we eat either helps our body repair and replace cells, or it damages and degrades. The food we eat has a very direct effect on the health of our gut. Please remember whenever you eat anything, ask yourself the question, “Will this help or harm me and my children?”

Some things are worth our getting a good deal, but food quality should not be one of them. The American diet is said to be one of the worst in the world. Spend your money wisely. As the saying goes, “Some people spend their health trying to gain wealth, only to later spend their wealth to gain back their health.”