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You are the world’s greatest drug store!

You are the world's greatest drug storeYou create your own drugs (No, I don’t mean illegally!)

The greatest drug store in the world is your own marvelous body, as long as your body is functioning properly.

Your body manufactures:

  • antibiotics
  • insulin
  • painkillers
  • blood pressure and heart drugs

Your body also creates hormones and chemicals that regulate:

  • brain chemistry and mood
  • digestion
  • elimination
  • growth
  • blood chemistry
  • hundreds of other drugs, many still undiscovered

That’s where chiropractic care helps

Chiropractors help keep your internal drug store functioning optimally by locating and correcting a very common condition that causes your body to malfunction. That condition is called a subluxation. A subluxation is usually found in your spine and although it often causes pain, it may also be painless.

Want to keep your internal drug store (the World’s Greatest) making and delivering all the drugs you need for your whole life? In addition to a nutrient-rich diet, make sure your body is free of subluxations – that’s the specialty of your chiropractor. Come in for a chiropractic checkup. Your internal drug store will thank you for it.

Drugs, drugs, drugs?

drugs-drugs-drugsDo you take too many medications?

There are times when drugs are necessary, but the bottom line is that most of the time they aren’t.

Unfortunately, when you buy into the mindset that you need a drug to “fix” you, two things happen that begin to feed on each other, creating a never-ending loop of deteriorating health.

First, you are taking in a toxic substance. All drugs are toxic.

Second, drugs lie to you – drugs tell you that you are healthier but you aren’t! Instead you are just unable to feel an uncomfortable symptom.

Drugs don’t make you healthy

Over 100,000 Americans die each year from taking properly prescribed prescription drugs. Many people take more drugs to deal with the side effects from the first one, followed by another one, and another … ?

In 1929, the average American received less than two prescriptions per year. The CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics report “Health, United States, 2013” found that 48% of people said they were taking a prescription medication, compared with 39% in 1988-1994.

About one in four children took one or more prescription drugs in the past month, compared to nine in 10 adults 65 and older, according to the study.

Take a dose of chiropractic care instead

Chiropractic helps reverse that trend – by helping your body, your natural drugstore, make every drug you need to live a healthy life. Avoid being another medical drug statistic – chiropractic care is natural healthcare for you and your family.

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