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Are you adapting? What is adaptation? 

Have you ever coughed or sneezed? Did you ever have a fever? Do you sweat when hot? Shiver when cold? Do you get out of breath after you run? Do you get hungry? Thirsty? Do you run from danger?

What are these questions about?



Adaptation is your ability to respond to changes in the environment physically and mentally, internally, and externally to maintain your balance or homeostasis (a word coined by the great American physiologist Walter Canon.) (1)

Adaptation is terribly complex and can involve all your organ systems. It is of supreme importance. Your ability or inability to adapt can make the difference between health and sickness, even life and death. Some of the ways you adapt are by ridding your body of toxins, (coughing, sneezing, fever).  Another way you adapt is by utilizing oxygen and food for energy, digestion, ridding your body of wastes, and hundreds if not thousands of other day-to-day functions you probably don’t think about.

You don’t have to, your body’s wisdom takes care of your many needs. Simply put, the better you can adapt to change the better off you are in
every aspect of your life.

Your nervous system

The key to adaptation is your nervous system. Your brain, spinal cord, and nerves are the most sophisticated communications system in the universe!

Every moment billions of messages are streaming into your brain and spinal cord from the world around you and from the world inside you – cells, pores, blood, glands, muscles, joints, organs, and other body parts.  At the same time, billions of messages are being sent out from your brain and spinal cord along your nerves to every cell, pore, gland, muscle, joint, organ, and body part.

The better you are at adapting to change, the healthier you are. That means higher resistance to disease, better ability to neutralize germs, viri, poisons, drugs, pharmaceuticals, cancer cells, malformed cells, genetic mutations, and more!

Keep your nervous system free of stress.

Chiropractic care helps keep your communication lines open and free from stress, so messages can travel without interference. Your ability to adapt is at its optimum. Adaptation is the key to health and life.

The Subluxation

There is a condition that causes stress to your nervous system and prevents it from communicating, it’s called the subluxation. Subluxation is a distortion that can cause nerve interference, “static” over your communication lines (nerves). Subluxations can be due to a difficult birth, chemicals, toxins, drugs, pharmaceuticals falls, accidents, or emotional stress.

Chiropractors spend years learning how to locate and correct (adjust) subluxations.

Come in for a chiropractic check and correction (adjustment) and bring your family too so you all can adapt as fully as possible to all the stresses in your life.

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  1. What is homeostasis? Scientific American.  Jan. 3, 2000.