A common misconception is that since chiropractors work on the spine and structural system they are thought of as doctors who “treat” musculoskeletal problems. (Musculoskeletal or neuromusculoskeletal refers to nerves, muscles, and bones).  Well, yes, we chiropractors do work on your bones or structural system but that’s our “portal of entry” – the starting point from which our care affects the entire body. 

 Think of it this way. MDs prescribe drugs you take by mouth or give injections into the skin. But does that mean MDs are mouth and skin doctors? We never hear medical patients asking, “How can taking something in my mouth that goes to my stomach affect my asthma? Aren’t they different parts of my body?” 

Of course, we know that drugs, even if taken by mouth, are the “portal of entry” to affect the entire body. Drugs enter your blood after you (usually) swallow them to change your entire body chemistry. 

So in the same way the spine and structural system is your chiropractor’s “portal of entry” or starting point. Why? 

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Your Spine Connects to Everything

Because it’s a very powerful area – it connects you to your everything. All your body organs – lungs, bronchi, digestive system, heart, immune system organs, brain, eyes, ears, nose, throat; all your muscles, bones, discs, joints, ligaments – your entire you – are affected by the nerves coming out of your spine and structural system. For you to be healthy all of your body parts must work together in a coordinated manner. Your nerves carry messages from your brain to all your body parts so you function at 100%. Your nervous system helps organize your body so can live at your fullest potential.

 Whether you’re regulating your blood pressure, catching a baseball, fighting a cold or the flu (experiencing a cleansing), patrolling your every nook and cranny for germs and cancer cells, keeping your blood chemistry in balance, thinking, reading a wonderful patient newsletter, or doing so many other things you need your nerves to be healthy. 

Energy flows over your nerves. You need an uninterrupted nerve flow to function at 100%. And if you aren’t at 100% anything less is less than optimum is lack of health or dis-ease. 

Chiropractors have discovered a serious distortion in your spine and structural system that partially blocks or alters the nerve flow through your body. This distortion is called a subluxation. No matter where they are we’ll seek them out and fix them. And no matter what condition you are suffering from you will function better without nerve pressure. 

If you have subluxations in your body problems can arise anywhere. Why? Because your nerves interconnect in many complex ways. Therefore a pain or problem here may be related to a subluxation there. 

Life is complicated

Life is complicated and things aren’t always what they seem. The goal of healing is to get to the cause of a person’s problems and correct it, rather than just treat symptoms. That is our goal in this office. No matter what health problems you or your children are suffering from our goal is to locate and correct their subluxations – no matter where they are. 

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