Chiropractic at the Olympics

More than 100 chiropractic doctors from North America are treating athletes at the  2012 Olympics. They have been chosen to help members of USA judo, weightlifting, wrestling and sitting volleyball win a medal. This is the first time that a large group of chiropractic doctors have traveled with Olympic bodies to represent the US at the games. It is also the largest contingent of chiropractic doctors to have been selected to support and care for athletes.

Terry Steiner, 2012 USA Women’s National Coach commented, “I have seen a tremendous value in our partnership as it pertains to the performances of our Olympic team. I can further see the positive, life-long effects these doctors can have on their lives after London.”

Chiropractic doctors are not only being utilized by athletes at the 2012 Olympics but also by the 2010 Major League Soccer World Champions, Colorado Rapids, US Martial Arts, the International Brazilian Jujitsu Federation, many top MMA teams, and hundreds of athletes and teams at all levels and all over the world including ‘World’s Fastest Man’, Usain Bolt.

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