Overloaded backpacks causing children serious back injury, study warns

Parents should make a daily check of the how many items their school-age children stuff into their backpacks because the excess weight is causing them permanent damage.

Ravina said the study found that about 76 per cent of the children carried backpacks exceeding 10 per cent of their body weight — “and the experts saying it should not exceed 10 per cent” — while 20 per cent carried more than 15 per cent of their body weight.

“In our opinion, it would be quite easy to avoid these problems. For example parents could supervise the contents of backpacks of schoolchildren. We have found that on many occasions they carry to school unnecessary materials,” he said, adding that schools could also emphasize the inherent risk of overloading backpacks.

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It is recommended that your child’s backpack weigh no more than 10% of their body weight. Other recommendations include using a bag that has wheels and can be pulled behind and get your children checked for spinal subluxations by a Chiropractor.