Rebuilding Sidney Crosby’s Brain

A little-known treatment by Dr. Carrick, a Canadian-born Chiropractor, is the key to Sidney Crosby’s comeback.

Dr. Carrick started is a Chiropractor, and has developed an encyclopedic understanding of the brain. Dr Carrick is a self-made man: he invented his discipline, and then founded an educational institution, the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies. He lectures and practises around the world, and today, 2,700 individuals in the world are board-certified to practise Chiropractic neurology.

The method used by Carrick and his colleagues is notably different from the current “rest and wait” approach endorsed by an international consensus group, which recommends patients refrain from any physical or mental activities until all symptoms have disappeared.

The treatment and recovery of Sidney highlights an important idea in health care – if the traditional approach doesn’t work, it’s time to try something else. During the first eight month’s of Sidney’s treatment, the medical community followed the “gold standard” of rest and limit physical activity. Then once he saw Dr. Carrick, he began a more aggressive, proactive form of treatment.

After Dr Carrick determine Crosby was ready to return, he sent him home to his team, to his fans, to the same rink where less than a year ago. In this way, nothing has changed: he is still the one hockey player everyone watches.