Research Shows Receiving Chiropractic Adjustments Every 2 Weeks Has Long Term Benefits

Not only are Chiropractic adjustments effective at eliminating low back pain (LBP), but ongoing maintenance care results in better long term outcomes. These findings are from a study published in the journal Spine.

The prospective, blinded, placebo-controlled study tracked 60 patients, with chronic, nonspecific LBP lasting at least 6 months.

According to the article, patients “were randomized to receive either (1) 12 treatments of sham adjustments over a 1-month period, (2) 12 treatments, consisting of adjustments over a 1-month period, but no treatments for the subsequent 9 months, or (3) 12 treatments over a 1-month period, along with “maintenance spinal manipulation” every 2 weeks for the following 9 months. To determine any difference among therapies, we measured pain and disability scores, generic health status, and back-specific patient satisfaction at baseline and at 1-, 4-, 7-, and 10-month intervals.”

Results revealed that “patients in second and third groups experienced significantly lower pain and disability scores than first group at the end of 1-month period. However, only the third group that was given Chiropractic adjustments during the follow-up period showed more improvement in pain and disability scores at the 10-month evaluation.”

The study’s authors conclude: Chiropractic adjustments are effective for the treatment of chronic nonspecific LBP. To obtain long-term benefit, this study suggests regular Chiropractic care every 2 weeks after the initial intensive manipulative therapy.

Spine – August 15, 2011;36:1427-1437.