Use smaller plates to lose weight

Loading your plate with more food than you can possibly eat can suggest that the eyes are sometimes larger than the stomach, so the saying goes.

But chances are you’ll be able to wipe that plate clean without even realizing it.

The phenomenon is called mindless eating, coined by psychologist and Cornell University consumer behavior professor Brian Wansink, whose research suggests that our eyes, rather than our stomachs, really do dictate how much we end up eating.

Since plate size can influence how much a person eats, Wansink recommends using salad plates instead of dinner plates for any meal.

“Our homes are filled with hidden eating traps,” said Wansink.

Wansink also recommended keeping unhealthy foods out of immediate view, and eating in a dining room rather than in front of the TV, which can help you lose track of how much you’ve eaten.

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