Chiropractic care speeds healing of shoulder injuries.


A new analysis shows that chiropractic care speeds healing of shoulder injuries.

According to the report, “this was a randomized controlled trial in a primary care setting in the Netherlands. A total of 150 participants were recruited from December 2000 until December 2002. All patients received usual care by the general practitioner.”

“In addition to usual care, the intervention group received manipulative therapy, up to 6 treatment sessions in a 12-week period. Twenty-four physical examination tests were done at baseline and after 6, 12, and 26 weeks.”

No significant difference was seen between the groups at 6 weeks. However, at 12 and 26 weeks it was evident that the patients receiving chiropractic care had reduced levels of shoulder and neck pain — and increased levels shoulder and neck mobility.

JMPT – February 2010;33:96-101.