Lyceum 2009

Just got back from our 2009…29th Chiropractic College Homecoming in South Carolina.

The weather was wet and icky…needless to say I saw ( and heard!!) how great Michigan’s weather was and I am now one week behind in the gardening!!!!!

We has a great evening with daughter and friends of hers had a baby who had fallen off the bed a few days earlier. He had been checked and adjusted immediately afterwards.  When they came to see us, he was fussy and no really wanting to be held and refusing to drink his bottle.  Ray adjusted him and it was like a light switch being flipped!!! he became cuddly and was sucking on his bottle like a starving man…..He had a headache and couldn’t communicate it!!!!

Learnt a lot of stuff about the hidden truth behind ADD….Did you know there is no official diagnostic test?  Did you know schools benefit to the tune of $400.00 per diagnosed child per year?   Do you know what the side effects of the drugs are like????

There are several very interesting facts to consider:   Diagnosis of ADD has risen in direct proportion to the drop in recess and play time.

Diagnosis of ADD had increased as teachers are  forced to teach to tests and not to the children and their individual learning quirks.

School violence and children on drugs are so intertwined…its mind-blowing.

Get your kids checked lots and often and help them to express the best that they can be!!