New Patient Consultations

slide4Each new patient receives a consultation with the doctor. This is an important step in determining whether or not your condition can be treated at Lanjopoulos Family Chiropractic Center.
Please be as honest about your history as possible.

If you want to save yourself 20 minutes… you can go to the PDF file and print the Intake Information sheet and bring it with you.

Spinal Adjustments

slide1Before we perform an adjustment, the patient is thoroughly examined, often x-rayed, and educated as to the procedure. All adjustments are low-force, safe and effective and specialized to meet the specific needs of each patient. Many new patients fear the adjustment – until they have one. See our page: How we do what we do.

Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage therapy alone helps minimize the effects of stress and provides increased circulation, muscle relaxation and enhanced flexibility. The art of massage and its healing power can also facilitate the correction of spinal misalignment prior to receiving adjustments.
Find out more about the Massage Therapy services that are offered in our building.

Exercise Rehabilitation

It is our experience that many of the problems we see are due to a lack of strength in muscles and connective tissue. Our doctors will design a specific exercise regimen to fit your lifestyle needs. And as both Dr Ray and Charmaine teach classes outside of the office (Tai Chi and Yoga) know that they walk the walk and talk the talk!!!!