Tai Chi

Tai Chi deals with maximizing vital energy and rejuvenating the body by means of exercises based on ancient Chinese martial arts practice.

Tai Chi done at the highest level is an expression of the ultimate Chinese martial art practice.

At a beginner level, the apparently simple exercises of Tai Chi will, through daily repetition, begin to repair and heal years of damage that life has heaped on the body.

By opening up the joints, improving circulation and nerve function and, by focusing the mind by way of the practice, stress is reduced and the body and mind become integrated in the present moment.

So what will Tai Chi practice give you?
Firstly:…. Simple exercises, that applied daily, will begin to strengthen and loosen the joints.
Secondly:…Sustained practice will integrate the body/mind connection and enhance vitality.
Thirdly:… The practice allows for a better relationship with the world from a position of self-knowledge and self-control.

Dr Raymond Lanjopoulos has been studying and practicing Martial arts for over 40 years.

Dr. Ray rose to the rank of 6th Dan Black Belt in the Karate Do organization of South Africa.

Dr. Ray studied Tai Chi for 5 years under Master Fok before coming to the states in 1989 and shortly after that was blessed with opportunity to go to Beijing on a Tai Chi convention. He met the likes of Master Shi Ming and Master Zhu. Master Xilin emigrated to this country and has since been Dr Ray’s principle Teacher.

Master Zhu Xilin (Drew),is originally from Beijing, China. He has learned and practiced Taiji Martial Arts from two international well know Taiji masters, Wang Peisheng (the President of Wu Style Taiji Martial Arts Association) and Shi Ming (featured in Bill Moyer’s PBS series “Healing and the Mind-the mystery of Qi”) since 1982, He has also worked as a researcher and instructor in the Chinese Qigong Science and Research Center for 8 years in China. He was invited to the U.S. to teach masters level Taiji Martial Arts in many states, and was accepted by the American Scientific Society for his brain map test by Lexicor Medical Technology published in the Journal of Neurotherapy in Fall/Winter 1996. Now his program of internal energy work and medical Qi Gong are used as a credit program at Southwest Acupuncture College and part of Taiji Project 2000 at the Colorado University Health and Fitness Center.

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